About the Journal

Editorial Criteria

The journal evaluates papers based on four main criteria as follows:
1. The subject matter must be of critical importance to the comparative studies community
2. The research question/s must fall within JIRBDAI's scope.
3. The research itself must be well designed and conducted.
4. The paper must be well presented, well written, and conform to JIRBDAI's style.

Peer Review Process

The editors shall review each paper, and if ascertained suitable for this publication and not plagiarised, it will then be sent to three independent referees for a double-blind peer review. Based on their recommendations and consultation with relevant Editorial Board members, the editors will then decide to accept the paper as it is, revised; it may be rejected if it fails the acceptance criteria.

Aims and Scope

The JIRBDAI is a new academic multidisciplinary journal covering a range of subjects in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Computing, Innovative Technologies, Management Sciences, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Medical and Health Sciences, Enterprise and Management Innovation and eBusiness, Decision Science, and Financial Management.

The main objective of JIRBDAI is to provide an intellectual platform for regional and international scholars through Baze University. The JIRBDAI aims to promote interdisciplinary studies between science and technology to become one of the leading journals. This multidisciplinary framework covers a large research community in an innovative public peer review process, thus accessing top-quality papers across disciplines. In addition, the coverage of the journal extends beyond one geographical region, which further enhances its reach in terms of attracting high-quality contributions. The journal will publish original research papers discussing, analysing, or evaluating policies that disclose relevant gaps in existing knowledge.

JIRBDAI is designed as open access, peer-reviewed, and referenced journal co-hosted by the Baze University Big Data Analytics and Innovation Research Group, American University Nigeria, and Sule Lamido University. The JIRBDAI publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual frameworks, case studies, empirical research, technical notes, and book reviews. Special Issues devoted to important topics in IT, Computing, Innovative technologies, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, etc., will occasionally be published. The JIRBDAI is published biannually, with each issue constituting a volume.

You can contact the editors via email: jirbdai@bazeuniversity.edu.ng